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“Focus on core results, leave the rest to us.”

"With 11 years of experience in international projects, we know how to facilitate smooth project management with user-friendly tools and how to design and implement dissemination to turn deliverables into real impact. Let us help you take care of your project."

- CEO, Marian Siwiak Ph. D.

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Task management, data manipulation and internal communication may sound tedious and tiresome, but here at United R&D we know how to make it fast, effortless and enjoyable. We provide our project partners with:
  • project management tools,
  • time/budget management framework,
  • internal communication utensils,
  • custom databases,
  • project reporting tools.
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Making the results and deliverables of a project available to the stakeholders and to the wider audience is a key part of many collaborative enterprises. We relieve our partners at every level of this complex task:
Strategic planning:
  • stakeholder analysis,
  • development of dissemination strategy,
  • development of exit/sustainability strategy.

Daily basis operations:
  • visual identification system,
  • website design/maintenance,
  • print media (DTP),
  • social media communication.
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As an international team, cooperating with partners from all over the world, we find ourselves using English more often than our mother tongues. Thanks to Grammarly we now spend more time on your projects, and less thinking about English grammar. If you wish to save some time for yourself, feel free to test them.
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